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Where The Harmonica Needs Attention
Aug 21, 2017

1: Before the performance, wash your hands and rinse before playing, please keep your mouth clean, to prevent the occurrence of sand or mute sound


2: Do not play too crazy or hard to hit, lest the sound spring is damaged after the shock; don't raise it up, in case the reed breaks, there is a possibility of falling into the mouth.


3: Do not put a foreign body at the mouth, easy to cause failure, damage:


4: The concentration of 70%-75% alcohol in the spray tank, after each blow is directly sprayed on the harmonica surface and the piano, about 10 seconds after the wipe clean. Disinfection


5: Away from the heat source, please do not put in the heat or direct sun, and do not use the hair dryer directly after the blow dry, the temperature of the hair dryer may lead to the deformation of the harmonica reed, (half scale harmonica especially need to note that the half scale of the diaphragm is blown by hot air after the same deformation.) )


6: Prepare the half basin of warm water, will be dismantled after the piano body placed within 10 minutes or so, shaking the basin, so that the dirt off, you can use soft brush assistant brushing, after the complete drying after the collection. (not applicable to the half scale, such as patch diaphragm spring plate)


7: In winter, the North's piano friends please remember to play before the piano, the piano will be stored for half an hour after the practice, and in practice to maintain a gentle breath, because the northern winter cold, the reed will become more fragile, if the breath is too strong, it will be easier to blow off the reed.


8: Remember to give your harmonica a little rest time, if a long time staring at a piano blowing words, will produce metal fatigue phenomenon, the reed will be more easily blown off