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What Kind Of Harmonica For Beginners To Buy?
Apr 19, 2018

The principles for beginners to choose their first harmonica include: First, there is no problem in pitch; Second, the yellow piece is easy to do technology (monophonic, pressure, etc.); Third, the harmonica is used to blow is not used to see. There is no consideration of the price factor. If you choose a particularly cheap harmonica because of the high price, then you might as well not learn. The messy pitch may ruin your hearing.

To sum up the cost performance of various brands of harmonica, I recommend a few beginners to get started with the appropriate Bruce harmonica (in no particular order).

1, suzuki's harpmaster, this piano is easy to sound, reflex is sensitive, easy to make pressure, is very suitable for beginners, the domestic price is about 150 or so.

2, suzuki's bluesmaster, this piano is the basic model of Suzuki, phosphor bronze yellow film, all kinds of technology are very easy to do, the domestic price is about 220 or so.

3, hohner's special 20, this piano sounds bright, reflecting the sensitive, a lot of playing home it as a piano, the domestic price of 200 yuan.

 4, hohner's golden melody, girls should like the appearance of this piano, performance is also good, although it is designed for ultra-blowing, but is also suitable for beginners, the domestic price is about 200 yuan

5. Kongsheng's 10 holes harmonica, which is designed based on AM-20D, it formed by clipper-built silver metal cover and bright color resin comb, attribute the success to precision machining and assembly, it has good voice performance。