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What Is A Single Spring Gas-ming Instrument
Aug 21, 2017

What is a single spring air musical instrument: including clarinet, small clarinet, maximum clarinet and saxophone family.
A. Sound principle:
The tube body is cylindrical (clarinet clan) or cone (saxophone family) type. The straight-blown, exciter is a single reed and matching Zi, fixed to the upper end of the instrument, airflow through the whistle and zi into the tube to make the air column vibration pronunciation.

B. Introduction of Musical instruments:
1. Clarinet (Clarinet) nickname and nickname: Clarinet, Orchestra in the "orator" instrument this tune: BB tune application clef: Treble clef, move high sophomore degree notation, practical range: E--g3 (three half octaves) (actual pitch d--f3), structure composition: Whistle head, small tube, main tube (two sections), Bell, and mechanical tone system, using material: Common type: Hard rubber, ABS plastic, phenolic resin and so on. Professional type: After special treatment of Ebony, rosewood, mahogany or plexiglass and so on.

Musical instrument features: High treble area clear and bright, the alto region rich expression, timbre pure, clear and graceful, bass area low, vigorous and plump, is the most widely used instrument in the wood pipe clan.

Other: In addition to the BB tuning clarinet, there are also the is to tune the small clarinet and register downward extension of the alto clarinet, bass clarinet and the lowest sound clarinet.

Typical application: Mozart (AO) Concerto for clarinet in A major, Gershwin (United States) piano and band "Blue Rhapsody" Introduction.