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Type Of Clarinet
Aug 21, 2017

Common clarinet for BB harmonic a tune, but in fact, the clarinet family has about 10 different pitches and modulation of the tube (starting with the lowest sound):
Octocontrabass (BBBB)
Octocontralto (Eeeb)
Contrabass Special bass (BBB/GG)
Contralto (EEB)
Bass (BBb)
Alto Alto (EB)
Basset Horn Plug Tube (bb/d/a)
Soprano Treble (a/bb)
Sopranino Super Treble (EB/D/C)
(1) The highest sound clarinet: Have F, be, D3 kind of tune, than the conventional BB tune clarinet five degrees, four degrees, three degrees, to be tuned to be common, in the military band it is a necessary instrument.
(2) Alto clarinet: Have be and f tone. Another about the 1760 Bassett clarinet, the improved Bassett clarinet is F-tone, a sound higher than the be-tuned clarinet, a slightly smaller bass clarinet, flared up.
(3) bass clarinet: Eight degrees lower than the clarinet, looks like the saxophone, the whistle tube is curved, the trumpet is facing up, and the notation is in the bass stave. Power me Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" suite has an excellent spectrum.
(4) Double bass clarinet, BB tune, lower than the bass clarinet a eight degree, is the band's standard instrument.