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The Selection And Identification Of The Harmonica
Aug 21, 2017

At present, the market on the type of music, a lot of brands, the production of materials, processes and product quality also has a greater difference. How to choose the most suitable for the pupil's harmonica, and identify its quality?

The first is to listen to the timbre. Music is a reed instrument, the timbre should be clean, clear, soft, sound not sharp, no "rustle" of the sound. The quality of the sound is best illustrated by the timbre.

The second is playing the keyboard. The soft hardness of the keyboard should be moderate, the key is flexible, there is no problem to play.

The third is to check the blow mouth. The connection between the nozzle and the keyboard should be consistent and tight, blowing up not air leakage, so that both gas and can ensure the quality of the timbre. Four is looking at the appearance. The appearance does not appear to be cracked and serious slip marks. Use your hands to shake the flash without a sound, indicating that the part of the piano is tight, not loose or scattered. The above is the easiest way to choose and identify the harmonica. In this, we should especially put forward: the best choice for primary school students 32 keys. Because 32 keys than 36 keys to light and easy to carry, blowing up the province's strength. The above is for reference only.