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The Purchase Of Polyphonic Harmonica
May 15, 2018

This is the more common harmonica in Asia. Each tone has two holes. In a typical polyphonic harmonica, the Pitch on the upper and lower rows of reeds will be adjusted to a slight gap. When two reeds are sounded together, they will produce a subtle resonance, similar to tremolo, so it is also called a tremolo harmonica. . Although there is no design for lifting and lowering a semitone on a polyphonic harmonica, it is possible to hold two harmonica with a halftone difference at the same time to blow a semitone.


The polyphonic harmonica can be further subdivided into three types:

I. Tremolo Harmonica

This is the most commonly used polyphonic harmonica. The single-tone double gongs sound, the timbre is clear, and they are easy to play. Many famous masters have created unique accompaniment techniques for this polyphonic harmonica. The harmonic effect can enrich the monotone melody. The solo can even be comparable to a small band. It is suitable for playing oriental-oriented music such as Folk and Country, as well as Pop and Classic.

Two. Accent Harmonica (Octave Harmonica)

This is a polyphonic harmonica used for ensemble or as a solo special for certain tunes. The octaves of the upper and lower rows differ by octaves, which is the same as the octave harmonics of the commonly used polyphonic harmonica. The resonance is excellent.

III. Echo Harmonica

This is a polyphonic harmonica that is used for ensemble or as a solo special for certain tunes. The design of the cover and/or cell increases the echo effect, resembling tremolo or reverberation, and the sound is beautiful and unique. Most of these polyphonic harmonica are plastic lattices, and wooden lattices usually have better resonance than plastic lattices. The timbres are warmer and more harmonious. There is also a rare copper polyphonic harmonica. However, the polyphonic harmonica made entirely of silver or made of high-grade materials such as ebony is not yet available.


Buying harmonica notes


Customers who purchase harmonica harmonica should pay attention to the harmonies of the harmonica. There are 7 common majors C, D, E, F, G, A, and B, and C#/Db, D#/Eb, F#/Gb, and G#/. Ab, A#/Bb, these 5 supplemental adjustments, the set of polyphonic harmonica refers to these 12 major tunes, and the natural tune and harmony tune 12 tunes can be ordered separately from the factory. It is recommended that beginners buy a C-tuning harmonica, and if necessary, they can purchase a C# tune harmonica for economical ability to use for playing and lifting semitones, as well as the necessary equipment for learning transposing performance in the future.