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The Purchase Of Chromatic Harmonica
May 09, 2018

One. 10 holes 40 sounds, 12 holes 48 sounds, 14 holes 56 sounds, 16 holes 64 sound chromatic chromatic harmonica This is the standard model chromatic harmonica, single vocal sound, Qin Ge each hole at the same time have blown four The sound exists. In addition to several sounds in the treble section, each reed is covered with a film valve (commonly known as film) to prevent air leakage. It is often difficult for beginners to play the bass. The chromatic harmonica has a pure and round tone, which is particularly suitable for playing classical and melodic music as well as playing popular pop music. Some models are especially suitable for playing Jazz style music.



Two. 24-hole 48-tone chromatic harmonica


       This is a unique model manufactured in China. The initial stage of the production of chromatic harmonica by domestic manufacturers was to invent the film-free chromatic harmonica in order to reduce the leakage problem caused by poor film quality and to save costs. A single gong sounds, but each hole in the cell only has two sounds. In particular, it should be pointed out that this kind of harmonica has very poor quality compared with the standard 10-, 12- and 16-hole chromatic harmonica. The mouthpiece and the key part are all made of plastic. The timbre is similar to that of a typical monotone harmonica used by children. The situation is serious, but it can also be used as a playmate for children.


Three. Special chromatic harmonica


      These appearances resemble the polyphonic harmonica. There are two rows in the upper and lower rows. The upper row has a higher semitone than the lower row. The upper row plays the same role as pressing the button of the chromatic chromatic harmonica. The timbre is clear and pure, and the appearance is beautiful. It is ideal for teaching or self-entertainment. Some of the chromatic harmonicas have plastic lattices, and some are wooden lattices, each with its own characteristics. There are also a few chromatic harmonica harmonica made of aluminum or all silver, and even harmonica made from ebony wood. The ebony harmonica is soft and mellow, and its resonance effect is excellent.

Buying harmonica notes


Customers who purchase chromatic harmonica should pay attention to harmonica tuning. There are 7 common majors C, D, E, F, G, A, and B, and C#/Db, D#/Eb, F#/Gb, and G#. /5, A#/Bb These 5 supplemental adjustments. The chromatic harmonica can be regarded as two harmonica harmonica together, for example, the C major tune also has all the scales of the C# tune, so most of the common manufacturers only produce C major, other tones such as D, E, Major models such as F, G, A, B, and Bb are available in only a few models. It is recommended that beginners buy a C-tone chromatic harmonica, without the need to buy C# harmonica harmonica, as long as you learn to transpose, you can play any tune music