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The Positive Significance Of 10 Hole Blues Harp Harmonica Key Of C In Teaching
Aug 08, 2018

The 10 Hole Blues Harp Harmonica Key of C is small in size and easy to carry, which is conducive to teaching. Moreover, this harmonica sound is beautiful and easy to learn. It can not only play the melody, but also play simple harmony and various sound patterns, and improvise on the spot. Loved by students. In fact, in the process of learning C harmonica, students can also develop their self-confidence.


Self-confidence is very important for each of us. With the deepening of quality education, the main position of students in teaching is more and more apparent. The timely development of instrumental music teaching, the cultivation and improvement of students' musical performance ability as the primary task to complete, thus effectively improving students' listening ability and cultivating students' musical performance ability. For example, we can choose C harmonica as a teaching tool for developing intelligence and giving students the initiative to learn.


At the beginning of practicing C harmonica, we can encourage students to practice slowly, only to blow clearly, to blow accurately, not to be fast. Don't rush to seek success, otherwise you will not be able to speed up. Moreover, in the process of practicing C harmonica, the students' overall quality of sight, listening, playing and singing is improved.

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