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The Maintenance Method Of A Harmonica
Apr 26, 2018

Maintenance methods can be roughly divided into general maintenance and periodical maintenance.

General maintenance refers to the steps we should take after each blow.

1. use the flannelette contained in the box to dry up the saliva in the harmonica.


2. use spray cans to spray alcohol evenly inside and outside the body. The main purpose is to disinfect.

(if there is no sprinkler irrigation, it doesn't matter.

3. wait for ten seconds (let the alcohol play a germicidal effect) and wipe it with cloth.


4. in the final income harmonica box, the general maintenance was completed.


The so-called regular maintenance is when the harmonica goes through a period of time (short, one, two months, and a long half a year).

To check whether there is dirt in the mouth of the harp. If so, prepare a half full basin of water and a special toothbrush.

When the piano is placed in the water, the toothbrush is used to clean the piano, and the harmonica is pulled up and down, so that the fouling is dispersed with the water.

Come out, so repetitive, scrubbing until the visual results are satisfactory.


Remember, no water can be accumulated in the harmonica, so as to avoid rust, so we must use the moisture of the force.

To dry up, and then sterilized with alcohol, the income box will be completed.