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The Common Methods Of Playing In The Harmonica
Aug 21, 2017

The common methods of playing in the harmonica
The tone piano differs from the piano in the press. The piano is the finger to play the keys to hit the vibration and pronunciation of the string, so the strength of the piano pronunciation, is the strength of the finger keystroke. The strength of the accent is mainly the size of the mouth expiratory flow. As a result, when playing the piano, the finger button is not too heavy.
(1) Spit outs
Play is the hallmark of all instruments, and each performer must master this basic method. Single spit of the method to use the tip of the tongue at the root of the tooth, hair "spit" sound. This method is most commonly used. But in the face of faster beats, only spit alone can not solve the problem, then need to use double spit. Double spit of the playing method is, after the completion of a single spit, followed by a "library" of the Sound of the tongue, will be "spit" and "library" continuous use, fast issued Spit library, is double spit. Some fast eight after 16 or the first 16 after eight of the rhythm need to spit, the three-spit method is a single spit plus a double spit of the joint use.
(2) The sound-playing method of the tongue and the air-shock sound-playing method
When playing, gently stick the tip of your tongue to the palate, then with the exhaled air flow from the tip of the tongue, so that the tip of the tongue and the palate when the post is off, this will emit a fast, jitter of the sound, the effect and plucked of the "wheel finger", pull the strings of the "shaking bow" similar. When playing the required to maintain the correct breathing method, the tongue should naturally relax, the tongue must have a certain pull, the tip of the tongue jitter, intensity and spacing to be even.
In the play, can rely on the diaphragm and ABS elastic slightly quiver, so that the air flow is a ripple-like exhale, the sound will produce a slight fluctuation effect. The effect of this sound is similar to that of a string instrument. The volume requirements are uniform. Different music can be used for different amplitude, speed and intensity, which is called "Sonic" playing method.
(3) wear fingering, cross fingering
When the melody is carried from low to high (upwards), the thumb is drilled through the other fingers, called "fingering". When the melody moves from high to Low (downlink), the other fingers cross over from the thumb, called "Cross fingering".
(4) enlarging fingering, shrinking fingering
No matter which two fingers, as long as more than the finger distance, but must enlarge the fingers to play the fingering called "enlarged fingering." The other hand refers to the small Yushun finger distance to play the fingering called "contraction fingering" also known as "Scrabble."