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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tremolo Harmonica
May 10, 2018

The tremolo harmonica is the most popular harmonica in China and Asia. The tremolo harmonica generally has 16 to 28 holes, of which 24 holes are the most common species in China. Japanese polyphony is also common with 21 holes. The polyphonic hole is divided into two rows. When the player plays normally, the two reeds in the same hole will sound at the same time. Because of the slight difference in the vibration frequency of the two reeds, the vibration will produce a physical phenomenon called “beat”, which is expressed as the periodical change of the strength of the sound, which is called “tremor”. Abroad is called "Tremolo". The advantages of the polyphonic harmonica are that the structure is simple and fixed, and does not require complicated techniques. The type and tuning of the polyphonic harmonica are complete, the timbre is clear and crisp, the volume is large, and it has strong penetrating power. It is very suitable for oriental classics, folk songs, and popularity. Music and other style tunes.

The advantages and disadvantages of tremolo harmonica

There are also many old reputable harmonica manufacturers in China. They are relatively early to start, and they are stable in quality, affordable, stick to China’s national conditions, and have the most people to use, promote, communicate, and create in China. They share the most abundant resources, which is very convenient for beginners and exchanges. . It is also the most respected harmonica in schools or teaching units. Judging from its tone performance, the polyphonic harmonica is also more suitable for Oriental and Eastern music. In addition, the harmonica, echo, midrange, bass and other harmonica extended by the harmonica harmonica are also a powerful supplement to the musical composition. These are based on the sound of the harmonica harmonica. Compared with other harmonicas, the only major disadvantage of the harmonica is that the halftones are inconvenient to express (in no case can they be played with two half-tone harmonicas, such as the C and #C tunes, but it is harder to play them). Therefore, the polyphonic harmonica is the best choice for beginners. Among all kinds of harmonica, the polyphonic harmonica is the best choice for its simplicity and practicality. Of course, if you are a soft spot for harmonica and chromatic harmonica, there is another problem. What is said here is "easy and practical" that is convenient for beginners.