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Mistakes In Purchasing Harmonica
Apr 18, 2018

Myth #1: I think that the 10-hole harmonica is a toy. I'll just buy it and play it until I can learn it. In fact, if you choose the very poor 10-hole harmonica, you can not feel the feeling Bruce should have, let alone improve the level.

Misunderstanding 2: I believe that the more expensive the harmonica is, the better it will be. A lot of good harmonica is not suitable for beginners such as HOHNER's MARINEBAND BLUESHARP, etc., but the domestic swan (large size model) and Huang brand are very good harmonica, especially the Huang brand harmonica has a large room for its quality.

Misunderstanding 3: See what the master used to use what. The masters here are to achieve the playing level, they have thoroughly mastered the various skills of the blues harmonica, playing different styles of music will use different styles of harmonica, such as when I play bass harmonica especially like to have a sense of leakage Harmonica, and such a harmonica is not skillful in the mouth of beginners.