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I'll Take You To The Piano
Aug 21, 2017

The harp is a small volume, good intonation, melodic excellent keyboard playing instruments. It is inexpensive, easy to carry, easy to learn easy to master, so many schools as a music class teaching content. The modern harmonica was invented by the German Hohner company in the 1950 or 1960 's. However, similar forms of musical instruments have appeared in Italy in 19th century. (English: melodica) is a keyboard playing instrument, in the classification of musical instruments and the same type of harmonica, all belong to the free spring (English: Freedom Reed) playing instruments. There is a keyboard similar to the piano on it, and there is a blow mouth, which can be blown when playing, so it can also be regarded as a keyboard instrument. The keyboard length of the harmonica is about two to three eight degrees. Because of its small size and portability, the harmonica is popular in music education, especially by Asians.

It is to maintain the characteristics of the keyboard instruments, but also to absorb the characteristics of the playing instrument, so it is a kind of playing the keyboard instrument, the use of music is relatively simple, it is convenient for students to accept, so it is very important to introduce the melody into the classroom, to enrich the content of music teaching, to adjust the atmosphere of the classroom, to enlarge the students ' interest in music, to promote the students ' comprehensive musical quality and to inspire the students ' ability of aesthetic ability and creation of beauty.

The new outline says: "Music education is an organic part of basic education, is an important way to carry out aesthetic education, to edify sentiment, to cultivate innovative spirit and practical ability, to improve cultural accomplishment and aesthetic ability, to promote the physical and mental health, to enhance students ' moral, intellectual, physical and American all-round development, and has irreplaceable function.

The object of music education is to cultivate music feeling, comprehension, performance and innovation ability. "By feeling beauty, knowing beauty and appreciating beauty, performance of the United States and so on, so as to develop the ability to create beauty, Professor Robin on the concept of innovative teaching is said:" Innovation refers to the students in the process of learning, the spirit of discovery of new things, grasp the new method of the strong desire, and the use of knowledge and creativity to solve problems "After the music feeling in the present, is the innovation." In teaching, according to the Law of Students ' cognition, the content of teaching is arranged gradually, play, sing and listen to the combination of mutual infiltration, instead of the original single teaching mode, fully exert the characteristics of music art itself, so that students in the free and positive and enjoyable music practice, through consciously, actively feel the music, and their own hands to create music to learn music interest.

The characteristics of the harmonica are easy to blow (no need to suck), easy to learn, and have keyboard, can play any tune, easy to ensemble. It is very helpful to learn music knowledge. In general, entry-level harmonica prices are higher than entry-level and entry-level clarinet, so they are not widely available, but in the conditions of the region and schools, or can be popularized, the most ideal is a person, if the conditions are not enough, but also can only buy a of the dosage of the class, the students each buy a pipe, so that a few classes of students can share these harmonica. The piano can not be left hand-held harp, right hand play, directly in the blow mouth, you can also use a torch to put the piano flat on the table, played by the right hand.

The blow mouth material generally uses the non-toxic ABS plastic, enhances the environmental protection and the hygienic nature. According to the textbook requirements, the learning order is from the C-Tone 1, 2, 3, gradually add 56, and then add 4 and 7, then add and the bass. Teaching should pay special attention to the use of reasonable fingering, but the textbooks appear in the melody can not be marked fingering, in the teaching should be in detail fingering, it is best to gradually teach students to edit their own fingering. Teaching must always pay attention to the correct hand-shaped and uniform breath, not to blow, the air will be used up, and too fierce with the gas is easy to damage the reed.