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How Is The Charm Of Music Manifested?
Aug 21, 2017

Composers compose music, as well as writers write poetry, novels, like a set of expressive system, that is, the musical language. The symbols of musical language include many elements: melody, rhythm, tempo, speed, intensity, register, timbre, harmony, polyphony, mode, tonality, etc. The ideological content and artistic beauty of the A musical works can be manifested through a variety of factors.
In music rhythm, tempo, speed, intensity is closely related. All rhythms are in the rhythm, all the beats are inseparable from the elements of the rhythm; and all the Beat and rhythm will show a certain speed, the same, no matter how the speed is based on a certain beat, rhythm, the rhythm is inseparable from the strength, the rhythm is inseparable from the strength, and different beats and rhythm always show different intensity contrast.
Therefore, rhythm, tempo, speed and intensity together constitute the framework of music, they for the performance of music, shaping the image of music, has a great role to ignore.
Especially the rhythm of the performance of the most important, the rhythm of the focus on the length of phonetic, of course, and its strength. Different rhythms combine to form a "rhythmic pattern" with a certain performance function.
Different rhythmic patterns have their own special performance, if you grasp the characteristics of the rhythm in music, you can better understand music, performance music, if you can according to the characteristics presented to play, sing, will make your performance more in line with people's aesthetic requirements, can better shape the image of music.
Such as: Successive eight after 16 or the first 16 eight of the rhythm, the formation of a cheerful, jumping mood, suitable for the performance of some rapid, tense, warm, jubilant scenes. The rhythm of the four-minute note, combined with the two notes, is suitable for expressing some lyrical and fluent emotions, which can show sweet, elegant, song-like and soft scenes. Short 16-minute notes and rests combine, can let a person produce a kind of jumping, happy mood, especially suitable for the performance of those lively, light, vibrant, humorous scene. and longer phonetic (refers to the notes above the whole note) constitute the rhythm, it is easier to create a calm, gloomy mood, in the performance of pastoral, sadness, sadness, mystery, piety and other emotions more handy. Of course, the use of these rhythms is inseparable from the speed of the music, if at the appropriate speed, and then with the melody and interval of the Beat, as well as other means of music, it can be very good to shape the lifelike music image, express accurate thought and emotion.
Of course, rhythm, tempo, speed and intensity they each have their own emphasis, we must accurately grasp their common and different, and in the music playing, singing in accordance with its rules, deduce the beautiful music.