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Harmonica To Avoid Heat, Health, Violence
May 28, 2018

Harmonica should be careful not to use hot water for disinfection, nor too close to high temperature heat source, if too close will cause the plastic part of the harmonica to become deformed and cannot be repaired. The harmonica is very dirty. No matter what kind of instrument is the first thing to pay attention to is hygiene, besides paying attention to the hygiene of the instrument at any time, do not look for others to borrow the piano or lend your own piano to others. And do not immediately play after dinner, this will affect the digestive system, if you must blow away, you need to clean the mouth to avoid residue blowing into the piano.

Harmonica's reeds are easily deviated due to external forces, causing mute or some noise, so be careful. Excessively moving blows can also cause creases to be creased in their hands and may even break.