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Harmonica Maintenance Tips
Jun 14, 2018

1) Do not eat when playing the harmonica (even youare very hungry);


2) Do not drink high-viscosity, high-alcohol beverages before playing harmonica;


3) Wash your mouth before playing, it is best to brush your teeth (if necessary);


4) After the blow, the mouthwater in the blowhole (comb) should be tapped;


5) Put the harmonica in a dry place (in a harmonica box) after playing;


6) Pay attention to where love is stored, because the harmonica is very small, otherwise it is easy to find;


7) It is best not to share a harmonica with others;


8) The bending effect is really good, but beginners may cause the reed to pronounce incorrectly.


9) Get into the habit of carrying it so you can get it when you need it.