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China 24 Hole, Japan 21 Hole, Why?
Aug 21, 2017

In China and even Southeast Asia is widely used is the polyphonic 24-hole C-Tone, Japan is 21 holes. Why is that?
Previously only a 24-hole C-tune harmonica can play a large harmonic minor. 21-hole range is 3 eight-tone, 24-hole range is close to 4 degrees eight tones, bass extension to 4 degrees, treble extended to 3 degrees.

Because the scale of the 21-hole treble is not 7, the range is naturally not so wide, so 24 holes are widely used.
With the change of the Times, the playing method has evolved, with only 1 C-tune harmonica can not meet the needs of music, people are gradually eager to get a variety of music for the harmonica.
Feel the music relatively low of a harmonic G-tone, there is a more bottom of the e-tone of the harmonica is gradually used separately. Of course, the tunes of minor tunes should be played with the harmonica of a minor, it is very good to use each kind of harmonica to express all kinds of music, which is an important factor to improve the harmonica music.

A wide range of 24 holes is not easy to compress from LD to HD tuned 14 different harmonica sizes to the normal harmonica. If the bass sound spring as an example, the bass D-Tone (LD), if the 24 hole is 21 hole is lower than the lowest sound of 5 degrees and become a. The tone spring is lower than the bass, octave, and harmonica minimum. Then only the sound spring is enlarged, the spring head is thickened, but the size of the harmonica cannot be unified.

The size of the harmonica varies with the change of mode. If the use of 21-hole Qin, the above problems can be solved. And the 21-hole jean is small and easy to carry, and few people use 24 Conchen in Japan.

The music level of the people playing the harmonica is improving very quickly. In China and Southeast Asia still in the 24 hole as the mainstream, but Taiwan has gradually tended to 21 holes, through the special products to Taiwan, the export volume of annual increase. Perhaps in the near future the Chinese mainland will also generally use the 21-hole harp.