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Analysis On The Development Of Electric Quotient In Musical Instrument Industry
Aug 21, 2017

In the past years, large-scale instrument enterprises generally independently build the platform of their own development, small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the resources, only through the offline store sales, and now the electric business has changed people's lives, more and more musical instruments manufacturers began to "shock", in the integrated electric business platform to open the brand shop, to many music enthusiasts more convenience and choice, but the musical instrument industry has not developed to the widely known vertical electric power, is at the beginning stage, and the instrument industry vertical electricity is the necessary development trend, Who can get the market in this area, but also need to work hard and wait.
At the same time, in the international market, in recent years, China's musical instrument industry has made gratifying achievements, the international market on half of the instruments are made in China, output of products and exports of the world's first, but the price of musical instruments with a kind of lower than the international market, to the piano, for example, the domestic sales price of about 10,000 yuan, and foreign manufacturers choose Chinese processing OEM, but can sell 20, 30 times times the price.
Nowadays, mastering at least one instrument has become the norm for children, and many parents who buy their children's musical instruments see a dazzling, the price difference of a huge instrument will be a little confused, on how to choose learning methods and so on, there are some confusion; in 100 cities and towns in China, there are only 3.42 pianos in the family, and quite a part of it, the piano is only "decorative" furniture, not a true music lover.
Musical instruments industry as a more traditional industry, and the Internet is more difficult to combine, the majority of people in the industry is more conservative, not enough knowledge of the Internet, do not know how to use the Internet to do marketing, in particular, some national musical instruments manufacturers to develop awareness is not enough, the Internet is a big cake, the development of musical instruments industry tends to grow, more and more families and campus students to become a huge user groups, seize their consumption psychology, naturally in the market can occupy a place.

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