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10-Holes Harmonica/Diatonic Harmonica
May 12, 2018

The 10-hole harmonica is a popular name for this kind of harmonica. It can also be called the Blues Harp, sometimes called a diatonic harmonica. This kind of harmonica is very popular in Europe and America. Many people in the area think it is the largest group of harmonica lovers. The 10-hole harmonica is small in size and easy to carry. Its timbre is quite imitative, and it has a melancholy and melancholic tone, so it is suitable for Blues, Rock, Country, Folk and Jazz. And other styles are the most commonly used harmonica for animation, film and television entertainment, and pop music.

Some people can play him while playing ten-hole harmonica, it is the first choice for clip Band (group band)! Differentiating species by the ten-tone harmonica unique scale arrangement:


I. Richter System


      This is the ten-key harmonica with the most standard musical scales. It is estimated that 99% of the world’s people who love the ten-hole harmonica use it. The single gong produces sounds. Each hole has two tones, a total of twenty tones, and about three octaves. . The ten-string harmonica has a common characteristic, that is, there is no F (Fa) and A (La) in the bass, and there is no B (Si) in the treble, which is deliberately designed for the consideration of harmony. The player can still use the pressure. Bending technology to play the missing scale. The arrangement of such scales actually dates back to 1825 when a bohemian musical instrument craftsman, Richter, improved and innovated in this scale arrangement, the Richter System, which emits a set of (1, 3, 5) sounds when inflated as C chords, and a set of (2, 5, 7) or (5, 7, 2, 4) sounds when inhaled becomes a G7 chord, ideal for folk music at the time of the performance, especially with blues.


Two. Other arrangements


       Because the Richter System does not have F(Fa) and A(La) in the octave of the scale, the melody of the bass F and A is often used to play oriental folk songs or pop music, etc. The sound produced by the technology also seems unlikely to be comparable to the pure tone when not pressed. Therefore, there are some brands of models on the market with the F and A of the bass. However, using this “melodious melody” scale arrangement is not common, so advanced users usually modify the harmonica according to their own preferences and needs. Since these alternative scale arrangements have too many names, they are not listed in detail. Many dozens of harmonica are made of plastic lacquer, and there are also ten-hole harmonicas with wooden lacquer and aluminum lacquer. Their sound is wonderful. Some of the rarer 10-hole harmonicas use silver cover plates. Some even made their own use of high-grade wood to create a whole 10-hole harmonica.