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10 Hole Harmonica Beginners' Choice
Jun 06, 2018

The harmonica has 12 tunes. From G to F, the blues harmonica is no exception. Some brands also offer other special tunes such as Bass C D F. So what should beginners choose? With a certain foundation, what tune should you choose?

There are several reasons why a beginner's first harmonica should be selected in C:

First, most of the primary teaching uses the C harmonica to demonstrate;

Second, the C harmonica is the most moderate tune in a series of tunes, and it is relatively easy to grasp various techniques. Due to the particularity of the harmonica yellow flute, the flavors required by the high pitched tunes (such as F) and the bass tunes (such as G) are comparative High;

Third, friends who are used to using staves can not consider excessive lifting numbers.

If you have already mastered the blues harmonica technique on the C harmonica, then you have to choose your own second and third harmonica. The next tune you should choose is usually A and F, because playing the C tune doesn't mean that you can play equally well on other tunes, and bass and high-pitched tunes have very different requirements for breath, and some Style music can only be played with bass or high-pitched performance. For example, the train rhythm is better with GA, and the rock style with high-pitched F is more suitable.