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We mainly manufacture 32key and 37key melodica, we offer different grades of products for all groups.
  • Red 37 Key Melodica With Case

    Red 37 Key Melodica With Case

    37 Key Melodica with case Description KONGSHENG MS-37A Muse Melodica is one of the most popular melodica model from KONGSHENG company, its body color is red and the key black and white, is has a faddish storage bag with leather surface and sponge lining. It reed plate is made...Read More
  • Professional Black Melodica Instrument For Beginners

    Professional Black Melodica Instrument For Beginners

    Melodica music instrument Description KONGSHENG F-37S Melodica is the best professional melodica made by KONGSHENG, it has a fine appearance with the color combinations of blue, red and black, its model design is also delicate. Its carrying bag is made by EVA (ethylene-vinyl...Read More
  • Kids Hand Music Melodica

    Kids Hand Music Melodica

    Description KONGSHENG High Quality 37 Keys Melodica is a series of deluxe harmonicas mainly designed for performance and children study. We use high quality imported phosphor reed and brass plate to make the sound perfect. We provide several color combinations to choose, and...Read More
  • Nice Pink Melodica

    Nice Pink Melodica

    Description KONGSHENG KS-27 27Keys Melodica is not a common model, usually we only receive custom made order. As 27 keys molodica is not well acceptable, we do not provide samples, anyone who wants this model could contact us first. Features FAQ a.: What kind of cooperation...Read More
  • EN Young Melodica

    EN Young Melodica

    Description KONGSHENG F-27 27Keys Melodica with 11 black keys and 16 white keys, is model of relatively small melodica. It's lighter and easier to carry, certainly the range is relatively narrow. Compared with other models, this model of product appearance advantage....Read More
  • Wind Instrument with Keyboard

    Wind Instrument with Keyboard

    Description KONGSHENG KS-32/S-32 32 Keys Melodica are common models mainly for student and family education, the reed material is phosphor and plate material is stainless steel, while the body material is ABS plastic. There are pink and blue color for customers to choose,...Read More
  • Professional Handheld Piano Wind Instrument

    Professional Handheld Piano Wind Instrument

    Description KONGSHENG F-32S 32 Keys Melodica is high quality 32 keys melodica, the reed made by imported phosphor bronze and the plate material is brass with the thickness of 1 mm. The body material is black and red plastic which looks fashionable, it packed by black EVA...Read More
  • Professional Alto Harmonica Melodica

    Professional Alto Harmonica Melodica

    Description KONGSHENG KS-37 37 Keys Melodica is a widely used product, not only for performance but for beginners and children. It is similar to KS-32, but has a wider range. There are 2 colors-blue/pink to choose, the weight is only 1 kilos plus the packing, it is easy to...Read More
If you're interested in our custom melodica, welcome to wholesale the quality melodica at cheap price with our professional manufacturers and suppliers of reed instrument.