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Why do many people like wooden harmonica?
Dec 30, 2017

Wood harmonica in many ways has a unique advantage. First of all, due to the different materials, the sound quality and sound quality of this type of harmonica are far more impressive than the harmonica used in resin piano, plastic piano and plastic piano.

The wooden harmonica also produces more stable audio during its performance. Because of this, a lot of friends in the purchase of harmonica will give priority to this harmonica. Of course, due to the special material, so the harmonica price is more expensive.

 wooden harmonica.JPG

In the use of wooden harmonica, in order to better play its role and value, we also need to be protected. In daily use, it should be placed in a dry environment, to avoid moisture, or more prone to cracking.

Before using wooden harmonica, develop good mouthwash habits. After use, wipe clean, put it back in the box.

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