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Why compare 16-hole harmonica
Jan 10, 2018

Although there are many types of harmonica, there are 10 semitones, 12 semitones, 14 semitone and 16 semitones. The more the sound holes, the more the sound, the wider the range. However, in the learning process suggest that you choose a 16-hole harmonica, what is the reason?
First of all to say how the other harmonica, 10-hole half-tone harmonica is improved 10-hole blues harmonica; 12-hole half-tone harmonica has three 8-degree range, the lowest tone is the central C, is the piano keyboard in the middle of that Do , Which is equivalent to the flute of the high musical instrument.
The 14-hole half-tone harmonica than the 12-hole to the low four more, so the 14-hole harmonica is basically designed for the performer, yield, high price, cost-effective. The 16 hole harmonica is different, it has 4 8 degrees, 12 degrees lower than an 8 degrees.
Harmonica is a reed instrument, a spring one sound, easy to pronounce treble, 16-hole harmonica viola range, violin skills, it made treble and 12-hole half-tone harmonica the same. In addition, the 16-hole harmonica in the harmonica in the widest range, the smallest limit by the range, of course, is the first choice for playing the piano.
16 hole harmonica compatible with 14 holes and 12 holes, 12 holes 14 holes can do 16 holes can do the same, 16 holes can be made of bass, 12 holes 14 holes can not be made, it can become the first choice for the performance can be Easy interpretation of each different song

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