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Why choose a blues harmonica?
Apr 17, 2018

1. The blues harmonica is the closest one to a vocal instrument. The presence of pressure and other techniques makes the blues harmonica play like you are singing or speaking. Using your tongue to control the pitch of the tones is like controlling yourself. The voice is as free. After you master these techniques, the harmonica becomes a part of you. It can best express your feelings. You can control the harmonica like your own mouth and tongue to express different feelings. Or is it melancholy or joyous?

2. The harmonica is the only instrument that can both sing and sing. This way you won't be as hard to play as a trumpet or saxophone. Playing a blues harmonica is as simple as breathing.

3, Blues harmonica can play chords, many other reed instruments can only play monophonic melody, and the harmonica can play chords, so that your performance is extremely full, you can get a lot of different chords by modifying the harmonica scales, You will certainly be fascinated by the time.

4, Blues harmonica pressure technology, so that you can get the effect of the guitar to push the string, very smooth from one to another, this is the other harmonica can not do, this is very important if you like Blues style music, so don't miss the blues harmonica.

5. When you play the blues harmonica, there is a "feeling". You can't see what you are playing. Only when you blow it out, do you know what it sounds like, when it's time to press it, it's the same as the pitch of your pressure. It depends entirely on your feelings. It is judged by your ears. Of course, when you master these techniques, the harmonica is part of your body. That's why I always like to play a blues harmonica like singing, when you sing You don't even know what notes you sing, but what you sing out makes you happy. Just like playing blues harmonica, he can impress people like singing.

6. The introduction of blues harmonica is very simple. Everyone can quickly master its playing method and blow out some very blues pieces. Of course, this is under the premise of mastering the correct method. But one thing to keep in mind is that the blues harmonica is one of the most difficult to reach the ultimate pinnacle. There are many, many musicians who sound good, but there are not many top masters, especially in China.

7. Learning Blues harmonica does not require a deep foundation of music theory. If you can hear a song and you can pick it up, then you can learn blues harmonica. In fact, I rarely read anything like scores, but this is not to say that Music theory is not important. To become a professional musician, music theory and professional training are indispensable.

8. The blues harmonica is one of the most distinctive musical instruments. If you add even a few blues harmonica to the band, it will also create a special effect. I always thought that this simple 10 hole has hidden something magic!

9, people who blow blues harmonica are "opportunistic" guy, haha! A good guitar player must practice through continuous practice, but a good harmonica player seems to be easier to shape. You can practice anytime, anywhere, provided you don't bother others.

10, LAST, Blues harmonica is a relatively inexpensive instrument compared to other musical instruments such as guitar, unless you are ready for professional musicians or collectors.

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