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Why beginners are often recommended to choose C Harmonica?
Jan 05, 2018

As a beginner, you obviously need to buy your own favorite harmonica C, in fact, there are a lot of harmonica tutorials and books have assumed that you have a C harmonica of your own. Then we can learn the playing skills

I believe a lot of careful friends will find that, in fact, in the learning process, there are a lot of harmonica tutorials are based on C Harmonica as an example to tell about. In the instrument shop, the store will help you find the right tone of the harmonica. We can also see that there should be a C logo on the harmonica box.

In short, for a beginner, a C harmonica is enough to meet your needs. Of course, as learning progresses, we can buy some other keys harmonica. In the learning process, we can learn from the experience of others and practice more to master the playing skills as soon as possible.

After you've mastered the tricks for playing the harmonica C, then we can play together with other instruments as well. I believe when the show ends, everyone will still be immersed in the wonderful tune of C harmonica.

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