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Which type of good beginner harmonica should you choose?
Feb 04, 2018

Many novice players will struggle to buy a harmonica, and do not know which type of good beginner harmonica to choose.It is generally recommended that you choose according to your personal preference;At the same time, the price is also the highest because of the complicated structure of chromatic harmonica in the existing three harmonica harmonica.

And relative to the chromatic harmonica, tremolo harmonica and blues harmonica prices will be much slower, general quality of domestic few money can buy a harmonica, almost hundreds of yuan of money can buy a very good play the level into the harmonica.

About tonal, beginner harmonica as far as possible choose C, C harmonica tones in moderate level, is common with tonal, beginners to facilitate communication, and many sites tutorial is based on a C harmonica to write, so C is the first choice for the beginner harmonica tonality.

The recommended good beginner harmonica is a 24-hole polyphonic harmonica. The thickness of the reed is moderate and easy to play. Other tones such as D and E are not easy to master because of its thick and long sound spring.Play the 10 hole harmonica, chromatic harmonica technique relative to 24 hole tremolo harmonica is difficult, it is recommended that a beginner in the mastery of the tremolo harmonica playing skills after considering again, so I can entry faster.

Good Beginner harmonica is clear and easy to play and easy to master.Although the harmonica is small and light, the playing method can be varied and can be played with graceful harmony and strong accompaniment.

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