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What kind of harmonica is the 16-hole harmonica? How to play it?
Mar 12, 2018

The 16-hole harmonica is a kind of polyphonic harmonica. Usually we need to hold the upper and lower holes together when we play. Since these two holes are in the same scale only with a slightly different frequency, two simultaneous pronunciations are more pleasing. The first hole from the left blows the sound, and the second hole absorbs the sound and repeats according to this rule. Compared to other types of harmonica, the 16-hole harmonica's playing skills change more.

The 16-hole harmonica is also more powerful and can be used for both solo and accompaniment. It is a very useful harmonica. The scale arrangement of different manufacturers may not be exactly the same, generally should be as follows, from the left: 3657123456173254. The leftmost four are bass, the middle eight are midrange, and the rightmost four are high. Whichever is low and high, 1, 3, 5 blowing pronunciation, 2,4,6,7 suck pronunciation.

Compared to other instruments, strings, bombs, and playing instruments, the 16-hole harmonica playing technique is actually easier to grasp. But don't underestimate it, only the harmonica's playing skills can reach as many as twenty kinds of it. First of all, we need to prepare a teaching material, and we must maintain enough patience to first understand the musical scales and blow and suck characteristics.

When practicing yourself, you can practice the "singleton method" first. In other words, when playing a 16-hole harmonica, only the lips are aligned with a certain sound-producing hole (two upper and lower holes). The blowing of the blow can be performed by the suction. During the practice, you can find a simple song to adapt. After you are more familiar with this exercise, you can either blow or inhale by aligning the lips with the two sounding holes.

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