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What is the harmonica position
Jan 04, 2018

There are 12 positions at 10 hole harmonica, the tone of each position is calculated according to the five degree relationship.


In this figure, each pitch is clockwise by five degrees upward pure arrangement
For example , C clockwise adjacent tone G , which is the five degree tone of C , and the second position of C - tone organ is G . The second position of the C - tone organ is G . The third position of the C - tone organ is D , and the fourth , fifth , sixth , . . , twelve bits are in turn A , E , B , . . , F .
For example, A harmonica, calculated with five degrees circle, one bit is to play A, two is to play E, three is to play B, and so on to 12th bits is to play D.

Another example is the BB harmonica, one bit is Bb, two bits are F, three bits are C, four bits are G, and so on to 12th bits is Eb.


Let's take a look at the location of the sound name of the harmonica in C and B:

It can be seen from the comparison that the two harmonica positions of C and B are different, but the position of the same one is the same on each harmonica.

They also have the same position of a bit of principal, but different tonality, people can continue to contrast different harmonica, different harmonica, although the tone is different, but the same position is always in the same position of the harmonica.

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