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What is the 32 key melodica? What are its characteristics?
Dec 13, 2017

32 key melodica, also belongs to the category of musical instruments, and is a kind of wind instrument with a keyboard. In the classification, it and harmonica are often bracketed together, belong to the free spring wind instruments. So there's a piano - like keyboard on the 32 key melodica and a mouthpiece next to it. So it can be blew when playing and is often considered a keyboard instrument which can play.

melodica 32 keys.JPG

By contrast, 32 key melodica is not only small, but also has good intonation and better melody. Coupled with the excellent quality and reasonable price, and it is easy to carry, learn and master, so many schools take it as music teaching content. And it is particularly popular in Asia.
One of the most important advantages of the 32 key melodica is that it not only retains the characteristics of the keyboard instrument, but also combines the characteristics of wind instruments, so it is known as a keyboard instrument which can play.
After the introduction of the 32 key melodica into music classroom, not only can enrich the music teaching content, but also can adjust the classroom atmosphere, expand the students' music field of vision, improve students' interest in learning music, promote students' comprehensive music quality training and stimulate students' aesthetic ability and ability to create beauty. It has important roles.
In short, 32 key melodica is a practical instrument. In the actual teaching, students can be in the free, active and happy music practice. And 32 key melodica allows students to consciously and actively feel music, and create their own music to obtain the interest of learning music .

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