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What is a 37-key melodica?
Mar 23, 2018

The mouth organ belongs to a very common instrument, which has strong artistic expression and is suitable for different performance methods. Among them, the 37-key melodica is particularly popular with users. This 37-key melodica is an instrument that combines the reed play with the keyboard.


Compared to other musical instruments, in fact, the 37-key accordion has a standard pitch, a beautiful sound and a rich artistic expression. Its main features are: small size, light weight, easy to carry, without any power supply, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and can be used for personal and collective activities such as holiday tourism outings.


While playing, the 37-key melodica can be used for solo performances, as well as a variety of performances such as concerts, ensemble and accompaniment. Using this instrument can not only play small tunes but also play large tunes. In addition, it has the characteristics of a keyboard instrument at the same time, so it is rich in harmony and can be turned around at will.


For beginners, the 37-key melodica learning method is relatively simple and does not require overly complex and difficult-to-master techniques. As long as the intelligence is normal and the fingers are healthy (without age restrictions), they can be easily mastered. In the process of learning, you can also enrich knowledge of music theory, harmony and composition.


The 37-key melodica not only maintains the characteristics of a keyboard instrument, but also has the characteristics of a wind instrument, so it is called a kind of keyboard instrument that can be played. This kind of musical instrument is relatively simple to learn. In recent years, in order to facilitate learning, it has been introduced into the classroom, enriching content for music teaching, adjusting the classroom atmosphere, expanding students' music perspective, and improving students' interest in learning music.


Not only that, this 37-key melodica also has a unique and beautiful tone. When playing, you can use this instrument to solo along with a small orchestra or a large symphony orchestra. And learning the 37-key tone organ can also help students speed up the process of mastering and understanding the basics of music and improve student interest

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