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What do beginners need to pay attention to
Jun 15, 2018

1: The ten-hole harmonica is not suitable for playing pop songs because the two-hole and three-hole pressures are difficult to handle.

2: The most suitable style for ten holes is blues music.

3: If you really get to the stage of learning blues, switching between the size and the mouth, as well as the porous performance can bring a different feeling.

4: The basic and most important technique of the harmonica is monophony. It is best for beginners to have a period of one to three months and to practice a single sound in a reasonable and systematic way.

5: Different styles of tracks, the use of pressure is also different, depending on the circumstances.

6: No matter what song, mastering the rhythm is a very important part.

7: If you want to play blues style music, the most comfortable and most convenient should be two.

8: Many and different musicians can broaden their horizons instead of confining themselves to the 10-hole harmonica.

9: The sound pressure is the most attractive tone of the ten holes and requires a lot of practice and sentiment.

10: The spectrum is also an exercise. When you can't find the score, you can try out the spectrum.

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