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What are the commonly used orchestra-harmonica at present?
Nov 06, 2017

There are many types of harmonica, such as the bass harmonica. In comparison, this kind of bass harmonica is special because all it holes are blow holes.

So when the band is playing, this kind of harmonica is primarily responsible for the bass part. It is because the tone of the bass harmonica is relatively low, round and thick, in the ensemble, it is mainly responsible for setting off the melody and stabilizing the rhythm and speed of music.

The second most common orchestra-harmonica is called chord harmonica, which is the longest one in the harmonica. When playing this kind of harmonica, it can achieve a very beautiful harmony effect. So it also belongs to one of the necessary instruments for the harmonica community and band.

The third orchestra-harmonica is called the horn harmonica, and the horn harmonica includes soprano horn and alto horn. Its tone color is clear and round, pure and special, which can also do the vibrato effect by hand. It is also the necessary instrument for the harmonica community and band.

The fourth orchestra-harmonica is called the bariton harmonica. From the structure, the overall composition of the harmonica is divided into two parts. In fact, this kind of harmonica belongs to the special harmonica, which is an octave lower than the ordinary complex tone. It can usually be seen in a large ensemble. The phonemes of this kind of harmonica are heavy, beautiful, which belong to the indispensable part of the harmonica ensemble, even in some cases will bear an important part.

In addition to this, there is a kind of orchestra-harmonica, which is called the flute harmonica. Its tone colour is very beautiful. However, because of the larger area, and the far distance from the sound hole, it is difficult to achieve a large scale.

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