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What are the characteristics of the Jazz harmonica?
Mar 09, 2018

In general, a jazz harmonica is a very ideal solo instrument with a very complete expressive power. In addition, the jazz harmonica is organized like a piano. In addition to the ordinary sound, it also includes a chromatic scale that is not available on the general harmonica. The harmonica mainly includes ten types of holes, twelve holes, fourteen holes and sixteen holes.


Among them, the twelve-hole Jazz harmonica is most popular among users. Normally, a twelve-hole C harmonica harmonica has three sets of octaves and full semitones, arranged in an order of octaves per four holes. It also has all the octaves of three octaves, easy to transfer, full of sound, and timbre. In addition, today's playing methods are constantly enriched, so the harmonica can not only be used to play some lyrical little tunes, but also can play highly difficult solo and concertos like other musical instruments.

 good diatonic harmonica .jpg

Because of this characteristic, the jazz harmonica was quickly received widespread attention and was frequently used in various harmonica concerts. In fact, this kind of harmonica is mainly improved from the traditional harmonica. With a clever button, you can play up and down the semitone on a harmonica. If you do not press the button, it is equivalent to the white key of the piano. When you press the button, it immediately increases. Halftone, equivalent to black keys.


At the same time, people highly praised the performance of the jazz harmonica. In recent years, the development of this instrument has been very rapid, because it has a wide range of sound and is easy to transpose or transfer, so it is often used in harmonica ensemble and multiple performances.


The harps of different jazz harmonica are different, for example, some are made of plastic pianos, and some are wooden pianos, each with its own characteristics. A few also have jazz harmonica made of aluminum piano or all silver, and even harmonica made of ebony wood harmonica, ebony harmonica sound soft and gentle, the resonance effect is by no means ordinary.

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