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What are the characteristics of mini harmonica?
Mar 10, 2018

The mini harmonica, also known as the "necklace harmonica." This so-called mini harmonica should be the smallest of all instruments, usually a 4-hole 8-leaf structure.


At present, when making this mini harmonica, its appearance is very strict, because it can hang directly on the neck as a pendant. In general, this kind of harmonica can only blow out a complete octave. Relatively speaking, the playing pieces are relatively limited, but at the same time they also have more important jewelry value.

 kids harmonica.jpg

Basic introduction to the mini harmonica: Usually the harmonica has 4 holes and 8 sounds. Different holes blow and suck can give out different sounds. Blow: 1 3 5i Suction: 2 4 6 7 Its main features are good tone, beautiful appearance, easy to carry, and some also have hanging chains or key rings.


This mini harmonica is very suitable for wearing on the neck, the harmonica and necklace workmanship are also very particular about, suitable for handsome men and women who wear on various occasions. We can use this harmonica to play different simple tracks to add fun to our friends' parties. You can usually wear it as an accessory and the mini harmonica can also be used as a talisman. Ms. wears a garment outside, which is even more extraordinary artistic temperament.

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