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What are the 10-hole harmonica playing skills?
Apr 10, 2018

The 10-hole harmonica is unique, which also makes it very popular with music lovers. If you want to master the playing method of the 10-hole harmonica, then you also need to master some performance skills. Next, we will simply share the performance skills of this instrument and hope to help everyone.


When playing a 10-hole harmonica, one of the first tricks you must master is the sound of vomiting. At this time, you should block your tongue and block your breath, such as a triplet. Followed by the portamento skills, generally refers to the music in the two sounds do not make a direct jump between, but by continuous performance of the middle of the two pitches as numerous connections. Hand tremolo is also a very important skill. It is mainly achieved by changing the resonance space of the hands.


In the process of performing the performance, in which pressure is a difficult skill, it is precisely because of its characteristics of pressure, it also shows the unique charm of the 10-hole harmonica. Acoustic pressure is mainly caused by changes in the internal structure of the mouth when the air flow through the reed changes. In the course of performance, vibrato refers to the rapid transition between two adjacent holes.


At the same time, when playing accompaniment with a 10-hole harmonica, the tongue blocking process is often used by Zheng Zeyi. The main method is to block the hole with his tongue and move it away at the instant of blowing or suction to achieve a specific accompaniment sound. . Then the tongue method will be used, and the tongue will be pronounced "ta", "da" and "ka" when played, making the sound short and powerful.


In addition to these techniques, there are also many other techniques used, such as the tooth tremolo, which mainly refers to the slight bite of the upper and lower teeth when the 10-hole harmonica is played to control the air flow to achieve changes. The laryngeal sound is controlled by the throat to control the air flow, so that the 10-hole harmonica forms a undulating sound effect, which is used to modify the long sound.

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