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The use characteristics of the chromatic harmonica and tremolo harmonica
Sep 25, 2017

The chromatic harmonica is one of the most ideal and the most expressive solo instruments. The structure of the scale organization like the piano. Besides the ordinary sound, the chromatic harmonica still have the chromatic scale, which common harmonica doesn't have. Regardless of any notes can be played by a chromatic harmonica. With the development of science and technology, the structure and material are in the continuous improvement
The chromatic harmonica is easier to learn and use. The chromatic harmonica is mainly divided into four kinds, including 10 holes, 12 holes, 14 holes and 16 holes. The most used one is the 12 holes chromatic harmonica. A 12 holes C chromatic harmonica has three octaves and complete semitone. The order of the arrangement is dividing four holes per group for an octaves.
In general, the main components of the tremolo harmonica include two outer covers, two pieces of copper spring planks, reeds which are inlaid in the spring plank and plastic or wooden comb. After assemble the main components by screws, it will be a complete tremolo harmonica. And the tremolo harmonica will be the scattered components. The tremolo harmonica is usually used in the traditional folk music

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    best chromatic harmonicas

The tremolo harmonica is the diatonic harmonica which is mainly composed of a double blow hole. The pitch of the upper and lower reeds will be adjusted to the gap slightly, and each note is issued by the two reeds with same pitch. Since two reeds are blowing hole or suction hole at the same time, the two reeds have the simultaneous resonant vibration during playing. The subtle distinction between the two reed pitch will produce a good tremolo effect.
In the process of making the tremolo harmonica, in general, there will be 16 to 28 holes. And the 24 hole is the most common. Under normal circumstances, the tremolo harmonica which Japanese use is commonly 21 holes. The holes are divided into two rows. Usually when playing, the upper and lower two reeds sound simultaneously in the hole .

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