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The use and maintenance of the harmonica
Apr 27, 2018

Harmonica's use and maintenance of basic knowledge can be summarized as the following:


Wash your hands before playing.


Please keep the oral cavity clean before blowing to prevent sand or mute sound;


Don't over blow or punch hard when playing, so as to avoid damage to the gong after being shocked;


Don't raise up and play. If the reed breaks, there is a possibility of losing the entrance.


Do not insert foreign objects at the mouth of the mouth, which may cause malfunction and damage.


Do not scrub with chemically volatile reagents and cause deformation.


Do not wave the harmonica and it is easy to cause harm;


Do not forcefully pinch or bite the shell, which can easily cause deformation or damage.


Keep away from heat sources, do not place it in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight or heat, which can easily cause deformation or damage.


After the blow is finished, please turn the mouthpiece of the harmonica face down, gently throw out the saliva accumulated in the piano, and wipe the mouthpiece and both sides of the shell with professional wipes.


This will not only avoid bad smells over time, but also keep the light of the shell.


Put the harmonica into the box when not in use to prevent dust;


If it is used for a long time, use a warm water below 40 degrees, and do not rinse with boiling water or alcohol, decontamination oil, or other chemical reagents;


Children must be taken care of by adults to avoid danger.

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