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The tremolo harmonica accompaniment requirements and main advantage
Sep 16, 2017

Tremolo harmonica is one kind of harmonica, it usually has 16 to 24 holes, among these 24hole tremolo harmonica is the most common in China. Every hole in tremolo harmonica divided to upper and lower two rows with reed plate, both reeds in the same hole sound when playing.

 The vibration frequency of two corresponding reeds in the tremolo harmonica will have its nuances to a certain extent, it courses the physical phenomenon “beat” when they vibrate at the same time, mainly showed as the periodic change of sound, which is called the tremolo. The advantages of tremolo harmonica are simple and fixed structure, no need for complicated techniques, complete series of types and tonality, and the tone is loud and clear.


The tremolo harmonica has strong penetrating power, suitable for some national style, is a good choice for beginners. Such products in China, its veteran manufacturers are very large, mainly because of the early start, and quality stability, moderate price, very fit China's national conditions. In the domestic use, promotion, communication and creation of the largest number of people, the most abundant resources, it is very convenient for beginners and exchanges.

The tremolo harmonica is the most respected harmonica for schools and teaching units, from the tone of the performance, the harmonica is also more suitable for the eastern and Oriental music, in addition, the harmonica extended from tremolo harmonica such as stress harmonica, echo harmonica, big tenor harmonica, bass harmonica is a strong complement to music play, all these based on playing of tremolo harmonica.

It is suggested to contain 7 holes by mouth, while 6 holes by lips and blow the rest hole to play when use tremolo harmonica to bass accompaniment. When will encounter accompaniment mark, a tongue release quickly after the cover back, issued a "clang" sound is the accompaniment.

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