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The three directions of the harmonica maintenance
Apr 25, 2018

The maintenance of the harmonica can be divided into three major directions:

The part of the man:

Do not eat before playing the harmonica

Rinse your mouth before you play the harmonica

Half an hour before the harmonica, it is best not to eat. Some of the people's harmonica often have one or two of the sound of the phenomenon, and so we gently pat the harmonica, and the filth inside the harmonica is not difficult to find, there are fried rice or beef noodles in it, that is, these things to the reed of the harmonica to hold.

In addition, before playing the harmonica, you should not drink anything, nor can you drink the harmonica. This is not the most direct harm to the harp, but when you play the harmonica and put the harmonica on the table for a while, you will find that our industrious ants will be full of your harmonica. After all, the ants also have to mix their mouthpieces. So, do not eat before playing the harmonica. Besides, if you play the harmonica after you drink it, and you don't have good maintenance, the next time you play the harmonica, you will find the harmonica sweet and disgusting.

Although the harmonica paradise is often not done, but the correct idea, or to guide, because we do not just passively blow the harmonica before eating, but also to actively clean the mouth, that is, before playing the harmonica to gargle. This is a little difficult, but there is a trick to carry a small bottle of mineral water with you, not only to gargle, but to drink when you are thirsty. This is a little experience of the harmonica paradise, providing you with a reference.


 The part of the harp:

Be clean before playing the harmonica

Pat the mouth when playing the harmonica

After playing the harmonica, take care of it

Before you play the harmonica, if you can clean the harmonica first, it will be a great help to the health of the human body. But if every time after playing the harmonica, do a good job of cleaning, playing before the harmonica is not so important, but it is better to clean. I hope you can clean the harmonica well before playing the harmonica.

When playing the harmonica, the most common problem is that there is too much saliva, so that the sound of the harmonica is not normal, there is a flapped phenomenon, and more serious, there will be no sound. If so, you can tap the harmonica and shoot the extra saliva. The key to playing the harmonica is to spread a toilet paper on the palm of the hand, pat the organ of the harmonica to the palm of the palm. Remember not to harp the harp on hard objects, which easily leads to the movement of the harmonica's reed and the phenomenon of stuck springs.

After the harmonica is cleaned, it is the most important time to clean the harmonica. Maybe you will play the harmonica in ten minutes. It is more likely that you will have a chance to play it a week later. So the cleaning of the harmonica after blowing is considered important.

First, spread a toilet paper on the palm of your hand, pat the organ of the harmonica to the palm of your palm, and shoot the saliva.

Two, on the two sides of the harmonica cover, spray the special liquid for the harmonica.

Three. Wipe the cover plate and the cover plate together with the harp joint by using the cloth specially used to wipe the harmonica, until there is no saliva mark.


The harmonica collection:

The most important thing in the collection of harmonica is the environment. If it is only short-term (one day, two days), the location of the collection is not very important. If you want to spend one or two weeks, or even longer, the location of collection is extremely important. The choice of the place for a long collection of harmonica is no more than:

1. dry local harmonica is very afraid of humidity. Wet environment makes it easy to rust or breed bacteria.

2. in some places of ventilation, some harmonica pieces are made of wood. They are easy to change due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, so they should be placed in ventilated places.

3. put the harmonica box in order to prevent dust falling. After all, the harmonica must be played in the mouth, and the dust is not very good.

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