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The structure and composition requirements of the chord harmonica
Apr 08, 2018

The chord harmonica is mainly composed of an upper cover plate, a lower cover plate, a piano plate, a cover plate, a nail and the like during the production process. Each hole of the chord harmonica is composed of a chord, and each hole is mainly composed of A large number of reeds are used to form chords.

The tuning of the harmonica tuner itself can be set to a certain extent, and it can also be used as a corrective tool for ten-hole harmonica practice pressure during operation. It will have its own unique performance during the playing process. Style, fast, lightweight.

The structure of chord harmonica

In the production process, the chord harmonica is mainly installed on the two sides of the cell by four upper sound holes and lower sound holes of different scales. Generally speaking, the upper sound hole plate will have valid settings and the number of square holes. Corresponding lower phonic reeds are provided with an upper phonic reed corresponding to the number of grid holes.

An outer cover and a lower cover are respectively arranged on the outside of the two outermost acoustical orifices of the chord harmonica, and the upper and lower linkage structures are effectively used in the production process. During the operation, the upper end faces of the two pianos are faced. With its hinged connection. The upper unit of the utility model can play 12 groups of major three chords, and 12 groups belong to seventh chords.

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