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The requirements of tremolo harmonica for school instrument
Jul 16, 2018

The requirements of tremolo harmonica mainly through the changes of the mouth and the role of the tongue, to a certain extent can play a small amount of two-tone, such as its third, fourth, fifth, sixth, very few second, seven degrees, Only octaves are two-tones that are available for each tone on the harmonica.


The chromatic harmonica in the polyphonic harmonica is used because it can play all the semitones, and it has an advantage in the double-tone performance. However, the two-tone performance is the same as the music, and cannot be used at will. Each double tone is normally attached to the original chord. This requires the player to learn the music and chord knowledge while playing the harmonica, and correctly grasp and use the harmonics on the harmonica.


The use of polyphonic harmonica in students is an important factor in the performance of music. If the melody expresses a single line of music, then the harmony will show a three-dimensional sense of verticality like a flowing building. The harmonica should be played to avoid weaknesses. In addition to working on the melody, each chord of the melody should be carefully analyzed and matched with the harmony of the original work.


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