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The playing skills for the single-tone and treble of the blues 10 hole harmonica
Dec 05, 2017

The blues 10 hole harmonica belongs to a very small and portable instrument. Although it looks very small, its expressive force is unusual. With its small appearance and exquisite workmanship, many music lovers are fond of the blues 10 hole harmonica and unwilling to part with it.
However, in the practice, if you want to fully demonstrate the true charm of the blues 10 hole harmonica, we need to practice more and master the skills of playing single tone and treble. So, how can we play the single tone? In fact, the playing of the single tone is relatively simple. First we put the lips together into a small O-shaped, making the opening size cover a hole.

harmonica instrument.JPG

In the practicing, try to keep calm and relaxed as much as possible. Generally speaking, as long as you can master these three points, basically using the blues 10 hole harmonica to play single tone is more than equal to a task: 1. Lips should be close to the harmonica, do not leak. 2. Exhale and inhale should be uniform to ensure that the sound is smooth and coherent. 3. When changing the hole, the lips do not move, instead of moving the harmonica.
Next, we will mainly share some practical tips on practicing the upper register with the blues 10 hole harmonica. For harmonica lovers, it is obviously very important to make this sound area achieve the best effect. In fact, the region's tone is pure and sweet, especially for solo. To show this feature, precise control is required.
For example, we should start with C, and then play all the sounds in the upper register of the blues 10 hole harmonica. Remember, even if the scale doesn't sound accurate, don't worry, because the notes in the upper register are not arranged in the standard scale. In addition, the jump of the blues 10 hole harmonica is also a more applicable skill. I hope you can master it flexibly.

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