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The mouth cavity changes when playing the tremolo harmonica and the importance of harmony
Oct 18, 2017

The tremolo harmonica has many advantages in the use process. The structure of the whole product is simple and fixed, and there is no need to use complex skills in the process of application. The variety and tonality of the tremolo harmonica are all in readiness. The sound is clear and loud, the volume is loud and has a strong penetration, which is very suitable for some national style. It is a good choice for beginners.
In general, the tremolo harmonica can play a few dual tone, such as three degrees, four degrees, five degrees, six degrees, little two or seven degrees, only the octave is the dual tone can be obtained by each sound in the harmonica.
The sound of the dual tone of the tremolo harmonica is used according to the needs of the music, and can not be used freely. Each dual tone is normally attached to the original chord of the work, which requires the player to learn the knowledge of the music theory and chords while playing the harmonica, correctly grasp and use the harmony of the harmonica.

echo harmonica .JPG

Best echo harmonica

The harmony of the tremolo harmonica is an important factor of music. If the melody expresses the single line of music, then the harmony will show the vertical three-dimensional sense with gorgeous colors and like flowing architecture. The playing of the harmonica should strengthen its advantages and avoid its weaknesses. In addition to playing hard on the melody, every chord of the playing should be carefully analyzed and matched with the harmony of the original works.
In the playing of the tremolo harmonica, we can note the harmonica playing in some music or songs, usually only plays single melody, accompanied by the band, piano or guitar. This not only meets the requirements of music, but also provides a large space for playing skills. The majority of harmonica enthusiasts may learn from it.

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