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The material and fixation of the fix fret, reed and cover of the blues harmonica
Nov 13, 2017

The blues harmonica is a very popular harmonica, especially in Europe and America. Compared to other harmonicas, its biggest advantage is small size. Its size is usually only about 10 cm and is very easy to carry. In form, the blues harmonica is similar to a rectangle, but some models can also be ship types.

The blues harmonica is also very simple in structure, including a fret, two spring planks and two covers. According to the different relationship between the position of the fret and the spring plank, it can be divided into splinting mode and embedded. Focus on the blues harmonica material, different parts of the materials can be used in a variety of materials.

best blues harmonica.jpg

the best blues harmonica

The fret of the blues harmonica can be made of resin, wood, metal, bamboo, acrylic or other synthetic materials. The resin fret blues harmonica is the most common, it is characterized by light, waterproof and easy maintenance. The earliest harmonica used the xylophone. However, because of the easy absorption of the wood, and the long-term immersion will affect the life, it is not suitable for the novice who can’t forwardly restrain the saliva.

The blues harmonica with metal fret is fewer and the products are generally more expensive. The weight of the harmonica is heavier than other frets. Other synthetic materials are usually referred to the mixture of wood and resin, which has a good texture and will not swell up like wood.

For the whole blues harmonica, the reed is the most important. It is the phonation part of the harmonica, which is usually made of brass, phosphor copper, silver copper alloy and other materials. The cover plate of the blues harmonica is generally made of stainless steel, with a few models using wood, while some toy harmonicas use the plastic cover.

Usually, the reed will be fixed on the spring plank in the form of rivets or welding, and the overall combination of the blues harmonica is fixed by screws. Compared with the inconvenient disassembly and assembly of the rivet fixing method, the maintenance of the harmonica is inconvenient and the screw fixation is much easier.

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