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The maintenance of the harmonica
Oct 30, 2017

The vocal part of the harmonica is a small reed fixed on the reed plate. Usually, these reeds in the harmonica are relatively small, so if there are other attached things sticking to the above, then it is likely that the reed pronunciation is not positive, affecting the playing effect.

Therefore, we should strengthen the maintenance of the harmonica in our daily life. And the main work is to ensure the cleanliness of the inner reed. In the playing process of the harmonica, the executant can't eat anything. Before playing, do not drink the beverage with high viscosity and high alcohol. Before playing, it is necessary to gargle and better brush teeth.

When playing, the operation should be carried out according to the standard requirements, and not too hard, so as to prevent the damage or inflexion of the reed in the harmonica. In addition, if you are a beginner, before mastering the correct operating skills, do not do the bending play to prevent the reed break. Usually, when the reed is breaking, its intervals will be significantly reduced. If this situation is encountered, immediately stop using.

diatonic harp.jpgAfter playing, don't forget to pat the harmonica lightly in time so that water vapor can be discharged from the blow hole.Then place the harmonica in the harmonica box and place the box in a dry place. When cleaning, it can’t use the volatile substance to clean to avoid distortion.

In addition, the mouthpiece of the harmonica must be kept clean without other foreign bodies blocked, in order to prevent trouble. It should be noted that for health reasons, it is best not to share a harmonica with others.

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