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The main maintenance content of the soprano recorder
Oct 23, 2017

For different soprano recorders, the maintenance method is different. Especially for the recorders with different materials, it is necessary to choose the suitable maintenance method. For example, if you buy a common plastic soprano recorder or a soprano recorder made of vulcanite, it is easier to maintain. Because these materials do not basically change with the temperature and humidity without the risk of cracking.
Therefore, for this type of soprano recorder, it is best to use a softer and clean cleaning-cloth to dry the water in the soprano recorder after use. Then put it in the instrument box. In addition, attention should be paid to smearing some petroleum jelly on the connection part of the musical instrument for lubricated protection. Note that the soprano recorder should not be exposed to the sun, and the metal keys should not be severed forcibly during the use.

alto flute.JPG

It is necessary to remind everyone that during the daily use, it should pay attention to do good protection, to avoid bad behavior such as collision, knocking and so on. Otherwise it may make the metal keys of the soprano recorder out of shape and , and eventually air leak. In this way, in the course of playing, it will seriously affect the effect. At the same time, it should also regularly smear the grease on the metal bearing parts to maintain its flexibility.
And if you are using a high - level wooden soprano recorder, you need to consider the problem of crack control. Especially in the dry environment, the soprano recorder should be dried immediately after each use, and then put in the instrument box in time. This is because it is more humid inside, and if the outside environment is drier, then it will probably crack.
When there is an accident in the soprano recorder, it is recommended that professionals should be asked to repair it. For this category of products, if the expertise is inadequate or inexperienced, it is not only difficult to repair, but may even lead to more serious problems.

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