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The main features and application features of a melodica
Aug 29, 2017

The melodica is a melodic keyboard instrument with small volume and good intonation. The melodica and harmonica belong to the same class in the classification of instruments- the free reed singing instruments. The melodica can use a piano keyboard, effectively blowing through the side blowing lip to drive the reed, so it can also be regarded as a playing keyboard instrument.

The melodica can effectively play a rich harmonic effect, besides, it has a good harmony ability and a wide range of voice, widely used in all kinds of music. The harmonica maintain the characteristics of the keyboard instrument and, to some extent, also absorb the features of the wind instrument, so it is a keyboard instrument that can blow.

The melodica is relatively simple and convenient for use and suitable for students to accept, therefore, the melodica can be directly introduced into the classroom. It mainly enriches the content of the music teaching, regulates the classroom atmosphere, and expands the student's music field of vision, it can play an important role in improving students' interest in learning music, promoting students' comprehensive music quality, and stimulating students' aesthetic ability and creative ability.

27 key Melodica       .JPG

melodica piano 27

The melodica is characterized by easy blowing, easy to learn, and with keyboard. It can play any tune, which is easy for the ensemble, and is helpful to the study of music knowledge. Overall, the entry-level melodica price than the entry-level entry-level harmonica and clarinet is high, so it is not spread widely, but it can still be popular in areas and schools where conditions are good.

When you play a melodica, you can play the right hand, left hand holding a lyre, without blowing directly in playing on; you can also put your chin on the table, play it by your right hand, and blow it with your pipe. Blowing mouth material is generally non-toxic ABS plastic, improve the environmental protection and hygiene.

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