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The introduction to the development and application of the harmonica
Dec 18, 2017

Harmonica is a small wind instrument. From the appearance, its whole is  rectangular, and with the development of the market, its size and length are different, shape and structure are various. Tracing back to its root, the instrument belongs to a tool for melody. Compared with other orthodox instruments, the evolution of this instrument is quite short, and the version around the world is different.
On the whole, though harmonica is popular all over the world, its development in Asia is much slower than in Europe and America. Analyzing from the historical, it was  introduced to  Japan in about 1898 ad, after more than 30 years of circulation, due to the need for use, it was improved, which has become the tremolo harmonica used now.

c harmonica.JPG

Harmonica has been popular since its birth. After many years of development, it also experienced many improvements and upgrades. Countless people who like this instrument also constantly organize various associations, gather the strength of the people, and constantly write an immortal page for its circulation.
It is because the harmonica has its own unique personality, in the process of performing, it can achieve a higher artistic effect. Especially under the skilled player deduction, it can let people experience different effects. Of course, harmonica plays an important role in folk music. In addition, it can be used in popular music such as rock music.

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