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The introduction of the timbre and structure of the tremolo harmonica
Dec 06, 2017

Some people call the tremolo harmonica symphony orchestra in the pocket, which can also reflect the characteristics of the instrument itself. Because its construction is relatively special, it has a unique lingering in the solo, and is much loved by the music lovers.

1. What is the tremolo harmonica?
In the life, many friends call this kind of harmonica as a soprano harmonica, especially in the domestic market, it is valued by customers. In fact, we usually say the harmonica, basically is the tremolo harmonica by default. Because of the numbers of holes are different, there are 20 holes, 21 holes, 22 holes, 23 holes and 24 holes. The main production is 24 holes in domestic.

2. The analysis on the special timbre of the tremolo harmonica
Just analyzing from the tone, the instrument's tone has a little bit more like the accordion. In the actual use, we can use the tremolo harmonica for solo or ensemble. Its main advantage is that the tone is beautiful and the volume is high. In addition, the upper and lower grid of the reed is the same degree. But because the breath of the making and blowing is different, the vibration of the upper and lower holes is not the same, so that the more special vibrato, very pleasing. Because it is divided into the upper and lower, each reed is the same degree,  the volume of the sound is greater than the volume of the single-tone harmonica.

3. The introduction of the structure of the tremolo harmonica
Analyzing from the overall structure of the tremolo harmonica, it includes four parts. There are two cover plates installed on the top and bottom of the harmonica, the main function is to protect the reed, and combined into the resonance box with the plastic lattice. The base plate is composed of two thick copper plates, located on both sides of the plastic lattice, and the blowing and vibration reed of the harmonica are installed on the base plate.
For the tremolo harmonica, the important part is the reed. Its main function is the sound. While the plastic lattice is sandwiched between the base plates, forming a number of small square holes. Each hole is aligned a reed  and makes a sound.

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