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The introduction of the 24 hole harmonica
May 03, 2018

The harmonica is very well recognized, 1 duo, 2 re, 3 mi, 4 FA, 5 Sao, 6 La, 7 Xi, I Duo (this 1 is high pitched 1, high eight), and then the bass and high tones, respectively lower 8 and higher than the medium.

1,3,5 in the harmonica is blowing, 2,4,6,7 is to breathe in, the harmonica in a row of each hole is a sound, sound and sound is spaced, the 1--7, basically in the order, but to 6 and 7, the two are sound absorption, so the 7 and I (high duo) position changed, so in accordance with the order is 1 (blow) 2 (suction) (suction) (suction). ) 3 (blow) 4 (suck) 5 (blow) 6 (suck) I (blow) 7 (suction) order, the bass and high sounds are in the order of blowing sound alternately, the 1 left phoneme is in turn to the left in order is 7. (low tone Xi, at the bottom of the note a point), 5. 6. 3. 4. 1. 2. 5.. (below the note below the point), the right hole in the right order is in sequence is 3* (high tone, with a note on the top point), 2* 5* 4* 1** (notes plus two points) 6* 3** 7*, the 24 empty is the phoneme, no matter the pitch, as long as it is 1,3,5, it is sound, 2,4,6,7 is sound absorption, you try to narrow the mouth, gently stick the mouth to the mouth, up and down no air leaks on the line, to the 1 (Duo) hole, blowing air, The hole in the lips may be a little larger than the hole in the harmonica, but you blow the 1 and 2 holes, and the 2 is not pronouncing. Then you move the harmonica a little left, breathe in, and the 2 tone. You try to find the feeling slowly. First, try to find the phonemes of the middle tone, and practise skillfully to find some simple songs (such as the first call to school. " The song's) practice blowing. Practise for a while every day, and slowly you will be proficient.

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